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Boardmans Grey Large Wicker Laundry Basket

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This gorgeous and quaint wicker basket is your home's needed laundry solution. The great linen lining with detail trimming makes for great nostalgic quality. Perfect for your bathroom. Secure your basket with its easy lid.

Wicker baskets have traditionally been used to give a more modern take on interior décor. 
Made from willow wicker, this round willow laundry bin provides a sturdy and versatile solution to the often elusive bedroom and bathroom storage. The baskets retain their functionality whilst being part of a newer, trendier design aesthetic
This sophisticated but quaint basket will help store laundry or help transport your washing around thehouse with ease.

It is great because it features a removable cotton lining to protect both the basket and whatever you decide to keep inside it.

  • Grey
  • Wicker

Crafted from willow wicker and a durable linen inner this would look great as part of any natural, minimalistic or country themed décor.


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