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Silver Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine (KMC010)

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The Kenwood Chef is designed for the culinary passionate and adored by world class chefs. 

With its supreme power and a variety of optional attachments, your Chef will always deliver a rewarding cooking experience. 

Feel more inspired and creative than ever, confident to master new tasks.


  • Electronic Variable Speed Control: Keeps ingredients in the bowl and not on your countertop by allowing ingredients to incorporate before mixing at high speeds

  • 4 Attachment Hubs: Customize with optional attachments for maximum versatility and creativity
  • European Designed Motor: Optimized performance delivers more torque for the heaviest dough load or lightest mousse
  • 3 Stainless Steel Bowl Tools: Long lasting, durable quality for perfect results with any recipe
  • Included Food Processer and Blender Attachments: All your food prep needs in one machine
  • 750 Watts of Power
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Die Cast Aluminum Body

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Type Food Processor
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