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Titanium Major (KMM020)

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The Titanium Major KMM020 is a versatile food processor, specially designed to meet the high standards of excellent cooks. With superior power and over 50 available accessories can be achieved with the Titanium Major KMM020 always the best results. 

KENWOOD Major Titanium KMM020 can be extended. Expanded with more than 50 functions to form a complete kitchen system, it thus leaves no wish unfulfilled. 

  • Mix Whether, juicing, grinding, stir, knead, mince or pass, the Titanium Chef is your reliable partner in the kitchen.
  • The metal housing and gears, the stainless steel stirring elements, the stainless steel bowl and other features meet the highest standards of quality cake.
  • 4, 5kg


Kenwood KMM020

Quality: Kenwood Major Titanium KMM020 can be used with a wide range of optional accessories that you use for different activities. You can chop, grate, slice, whipped, kneaded, grind, mix or parking. Fast, smooth, durable and efficient, like a true professional. You can use it with enthusiasm!

Kenwood KMM020

Design for Life: All robots of advice Kenwood Major Titanium are designed to serve you reliably day after day. All metal body, the speed control lever and lift the head of the robot together with high-quality, solid and durable stainless steel tools and powerful a geared motor, which allows you to use a wide range of accessories slow, medium and high speed.

Kenwood KMM020

New accessories: Model KMM020 has equipped the new glass ThermoResist mixer thermal shock resistant - can be in it feel free to mix hot soup or crushed ice. The new flexi whisk is designed for perfect mixing fine mixtures, creams and path. You can be sure that, thanks to flexible lip brooms are all ingredients thoroughly mixed and rubbed over the sides of the bowl. Equipped with two rubber spatula.


Whisk: The whisk stainless steel shaped balloon with maximum amount of air into anything from egg whites after thick batter. Snow, whipped cream, mashed potatoes and cake adds light and fluffy structure.
The scoop-shaped: Scoop shaped to be invaluable in the preparation of many sweets and cakes, sponge cakes over the pastry, sweets and cookies to burgers and pasta dough. Planetary motion when whipping achieved blade shape to all points of the bowl.
Flexible whisk: Innovative removable flexible edge scourge perfectly replicate the sides of the bowl and thus ensure flawless mixing fine compositions, such as creams and light doughs. Because it is heat resistant, you can use them with the robot Cooking Chef. The package includes two replaceable squeegee.
 Kneading the dough stiff: Inspired by professional bakers, new dough hook for stiff dough kneaded quickly and efficiently and always produces smooth, good doughs, whatever their preparation in small or large doses

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  • Tom

    Location: Wonderboom

  • The all in one Kitchen Companion 27/11/2014

    The Kenwood Titanium is powerful to assist you with all the necessary baking and cooking in the kitchen.

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