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Samsung Silver 32L - 1000 Watt Solo Microwave (ME0113M) 28 litres

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  • Modern design with mirror finish
  • This microwave is the cutting edge in must have kitchen décor
  • The smart sensor automatically detects the level of humidity, adjusts the cooking time and power, keeping your food nutritious, succulent and tender.
  • Enjoy 3 benefits with Samsung's new ceramic enamel interior - Scratch, rust resistant and bacteria free. This keeps your microwave hygenic and durable for longer.
From frozen to fresh in no time.

From frozen to fresh in no time.

Defrosting isn’t just time consuming, it’s unpredictable. More often than not you end up with food that’s soggy in some spots and rock hard in others. But Samsung’s Rapid Defrost feature lets you defrost frozen foods quickly and evenly, returning foods to their fresh, pre-frozen state and paving the way for a delicious dinner.
Child safty lock

Child safty lock

Samsung ovens are childproof with special safety locks to keep little hands away from danger.

  • Output Power: 1 000W
  • Capacity: 32 L
  • Power Level: 10 Level
  • Heat Source: Solo
  • Display Type: LED

Additional Information

Type Microwave
Care Instructions
  • Wipe clean the interior / Exterior regularly with microwave cleaner and damp cloth.
  • Take care not to slam the door.
  • Never run a Microwave when empty.
  • Use only microwave-safe dishware.
  • Heat water in a kettle not
Brand Samsung
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